our mission is to help those who need it
helping others is like helping yourself
no child should be left alone, hungry and helpless
a pair of helping hands
together we can conquer hunger

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Board Members

Board Member - Elhadj Ndoye

Elhadj was born and raised in Senegal, West Africa. Back in 1995, he relocated to the United States. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a degree in Operations Management from the University of Arizona. He has served as a volunteer at Casas De Los Ninos, a not-for-profit shelter for children in abusive households. He also volunteered at Big Brothers and Sisters. He is very active in his community and currently has affiliations with the Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce as Past Chairman. Elhadj currently works for National Bank of Arizona as an Assistant Vice President, Banking Center Manager. In 2010 Elhadj created The Forgotten Children, a non-profit geared towards helping the street children in Senegal by achieving goals of self-sufficiency.

Board Member – Richard Noel

Richard Noel was born and grew up in the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. He and his family relocated to the United States in the year 1998 to further his aeronautical engineering career. He later established a job at Evergreen Air Center as an Aircraft Structural Manager, where he oversaw major, commercial, private and governmental projects including N.A.S.A.. In the year 2003, Richard and his wife assisted with children in crisis in the foster care system. During that time he started a non-profit organization called One Kingdom Image that entails community enrichment projects with other organizations such as Up With People and Parks and Recreation. Richard’s musical ability has given him the opportunity to be featured in events such as: “The Joy of Music 2004,” hosted by the Tucson Symphony Women’s Association, Tucson Meet Yourself, Family Arts Festival, stage manager at Martin Luther King event 2008 and also held an exclusive part in the opening act at the 2008 Rose Bowl Parade along with the performing arts group “Up With People". Richard is presently a director with the Cultural Exchange Council (CEC), an organization that promotes cultural diversity by promoting events such as Tucson Meet Yourself, Family Arts Festival, Fiesta De San Agustin and the Waila Festival.

Board Member - Andi Smith

Board positions and volunteering efforts since approx. 1994:
*Board of directors, Ames Board of Realtors - 4 years.
*City of Ames, Commission on the Arts - 2 terms
*Wish Grantor, Make A Wish foundation - 4 years
*Northridge Heights Home Owners Association - Board of Directors      secretary 2 years, vice president 1 year.
*Marketing Director/fundraising/start-up team for KHOI community Radio Station,  Ames Iowa 1+ years.
*Volunteer for Worldly Goods, a fair trade, non for profit store 3 years.
*Board of Directors, Worldly Goods 4 years (approx).
*Soup Kitchen coordinator, Ames, Iowa, 2 years.
*President, Stoney Canyon Townhome Association currently serving  second term.  Past Board of Directors Vice president.
my professional career:  24 years in real estate sales (i retired in 2012). 
my past and current interests/hobbies include:  photography, midwifery, art, birding, yoga, meditation, hiking, reading, and of course - drumming!

Board Member - Eric Schumacher

Eric Schumacher is an actor, film producer/director and music manager with a growing list of successful film, television, and multimedia projects under his belt. Raised by a family of actors, Eric began his studies in the art of acting at the age of six and has been in the entertainment industry for most of his life.  Desperately passionate for the arts, Eric eventually began directing and developing his own projects.  Eric is a principal member of Picture Arizona, LLC, a company dedicated to creating economic prosperity for the citizens of southern Arizona through a strong film and multimedia industry.  Eric is also the manager of popular Afro Pop Reggae band K-Bass and Farafina Musiki.  Eric is frequently called upon to speak at science fiction and comic book  conventions, film festivals and in the media about issues related to the entertainment industry. He believes very strongly in the mission of the Forgotten Children and that all children, no matter where they are in the world deserve to have a proper diet, people to care for them, and opportunities to live their dreams. More information about Eric's other work can be found here: www.picarizona.com.

Board Member - Bassirima Soro

Bassirima Soro (AKA "K-Bass") K-Bass is an Afro Pop Reggae music star with an international fan base, and is also a well-respected cross country runner. Born in the Ivory Coast of West Africa to an impoverished but loving family of musicians and traditional healers, K-Bass is no stranger to poverty. Only through the financial sacrifices of his parents was he able to gain a formal education which led him into national sports and ultimately gave him the option to follow his dreams. K-Bass currently resides in the united states. He is a licensed nurse practitioner, holds many records as a runner and currently leads the popular African style Pop/Reggae band K-Bass and Farafina Musiki which has many thousands of dedicated fans worldwide. K-Bass believes very strongly that every child is worthy of an education and the opportunity to grow and succeed. More information about K-Bass can be found here: www.kbassmusic.com

Board Member - Omer Kreso

Omer Kreso is a graduate from Canyon Del Oro High school in Oro Valley Arizona and has a bachelors degree in political science and history from The University of Arizona. Omer has been working with refugees for several years and hiring many of the refugees to work with him at his photography business. His web site is www.omerkreso.com

Board Member - Modu Seye

International Fitness Trainer Modu Seye inspires and nurtures clients teaching fitness as a way of life, spreading his passion through rigorous boot camp programs and personal training. A competitive athlete throughout his life, Modu founded MODUVATED to guide clients through the maze of diet and exercise fads and onto a lifestyle that produces magnificent, healthy bodies. It takes more than a physical workout, more than good nutrition, more than an hour at the gym.  It takes a mind-set that brings success whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle or get sculpted. 

With a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, his intention was to climb the corporate ladder, but his need to help people pulled him into the fitness industry and the science of physical alteration through hard work. With his decision made, he obtained his certifications NASM(National Academy of Sport Medicine) and NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association).

Modu started his fitness career at 24hr Fitness until 2009, Modu broke out on his own and founded ModuVated, his vision of fitness and healthy living, not as a business, but more so a LIFESTYLE. The ModuVated brand quickly spread through LA, then south as far as the coastline could stretch, to Cabo San Lucas, Mexicowhere he and his team lead daily beach bootcamps along with personal training sessions to both residents and vacationers. The ModuVated training program, which focuses primarily on functional training, has helped to re sculpt young and old bodies alike. 

Board Member - Aminata Dieng

 I was born and raised in Mauritania and moved here when i was fifteen. I pursued my high school education here in Tucson AZ at St. Gregory College Preparatory School where i also played a valuable role in the schools' basketball team and dance team. After high school, i was accepted and completed my bachelors in Nutrition Sciences and a minor in chemistry with the University Of Arizona's honor's program. After my college experience i furthered my career in nutrition because it has always been a passion to be able to help people understand that nutrition is the core value of living a healthy lifestyle. I pursued my career in fitness centers, hospitals, clinics, and also worked with different companies that aim to provide nutritional education and promote overall wellness. I believe that everyone deserves to eat well and feel well regardless of income, status, or age. I strive everyday to try and make a difference into someone's life and i believe that nutrition is a key value in achieving overall wellness. 

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