our mission is to help those who need it
helping others is like helping yourself
no child should be left alone, hungry and helpless
a pair of helping hands
together we can conquer hunger

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The Forgotten Children on TV

  El had the chance to talk about The Forgotten Children on "The morning blend". Please find the full interview here http://www.tucsonmorningblend.com/videos/187486191.html




Promotional Video

The Forgotten Children is a not-for-profit organization formed with the intention to help and provide assistance to the “Street Children” in the region of Mbour Senegal (West Africa). The organization’s focus is to identify and utilize resources to collect food, household items, clothes, etc… in order to eliminate hunger among the “Street Children” and to take care of their basic needs because we believe that no child should be left alone, hungry and helpless.

New picture gallery online

Find new pictures of Els latest trip here

First Annual Event Photo Gallery


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