our mission is to help those who need it
helping others is like helping yourself
no child should be left alone, hungry and helpless
a pair of helping hands
together we can conquer hunger

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What We Do

The Forgotten Children is a not-for-profit 501(C) (3) organization whose mission is to create an organization that primarily caters to the needy street children in the region of Mbour, Senegal, West Africa.  It is dedicated to creating a real and lasting change by delivering clothing, household items, non-perishable food and other necessities, to street children who lack these essentials, due to poverty or a natural disaster.

Our services will improve the lives of these children by helping them achieve goals of self-sufficiency.  Our investment is small in comparison to the cost of ignoring these problems. We hope to positively influence the children’s health and reduce the crime issues in the future. 

Our organization is aware that there are few, if any, opportunities to actually obtain custody of Talibes because they are “owned” by the Marabouts.  Rather, The Forgotten Children evaluates opportunities to provide some level of care or assistance to the Talibes.  This may be accomplished through a daytime shelter, providing a variety of services including showers, health care, vaccinations, recreational activities, and simple skills training.

Our goal is to improve daily living conditions by providing the Talibes with food to help ensure regular nourishment.  Additionally, we plan to administer first aid, provide basic health care, soap, mosquito nets, and simple skills training.  We network with businesses to establish continuous donations of clothing, food, personal hygiene items, and other necessities.  Also, we network with local health facilities and hospitals to develop and implement healthcare services to assist the Talibes.  We hope to accomplish this through the support of volunteer physicians and health care providers from Senegal and the United States.  We also hope to have the support from pharmaceutical companies for the much needed medical supplies.

We have a critical competitive edge because the services we plan to offer, and the goals we are trying to accomplish, are extremely needed.  Child beggars are one of the most recognizable images of poverty in Senegal.  These children have been damaged not only by their homeless state, but also by the constant physical and emotional abuse.  It is an easy decision for our organization to step in and try to improve the living conditions and the lives of these Forgotten Children.

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